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Tellow's starter package will always be free. Ideal for startups and small businesses.

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  • Create and send invoices
  • Scan receipts with phone
  • Hours and mileage tracking
  • Free mobile apps (iOS & Android)
  • Automatic calculation of VAT return
  • Prepare profit and loss statement
  • Load bank transactions directly
  • Real-time overview of your finances
  • Get paid quickly with payment requests
  • Product support via chat


    € 12,99

    Pay per month, excl. 21% VAT

    Save € 156,- annually

    Everything you need for your administration, with a personal style and without limitations.

    Choose Basis
    • All features from Free Forever +
    • Invoices with your own logo and corporate identity
    • Unlimited sending of invoices
    • Unlimited scanning of receipts
    • Unlimited loading from your bank
    • Automatic payment reminders
    • Free switching service with advisor
    • Reserve free meeting space for your appointments
    • Make use of Tellow's flexplaces
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      € 22,99

      Pay per month, excl. 21% VAT

      Save € 180,- annually

      Automatic preparation and filing of VAT returns and personal advice from advisors.

      Go for Plus
      • All features from Basis +
      • Automatic filing of VAT returns
      • Personalized advice from our advisors
      • Link five bank accounts
      • Unlimited additional users
      • Validation of your customers via the KVK
      • Create unlimited quotations
      • Automatically turn quotations into invoices


        € 69,99

        Pay per month, excl. 21% VAT

        Save € 720,- annually

        Tellow's technology and a personal accountant, for both business and personal use.

        Tellow with bookkeeper
        • All features from Plus +
        • A personal bookkeeper for extra security
        • Business and private fully arranged for a fixed price
        • Direct phone line for support and questions
        • Advice on your administration and possible savings
        • Compile and submit quarterly VAT returns
        • Compilation and filing of income tax returns
        • Checking of VAT and personal income tax returns by the bookkeeper
        • Start-up meeting with bookkeeper, online or on location
        • *Only available for sole traders (zzp)



        0 p/m.


        12,99 p/m.


        22,99 p/m.


        69,99 p/m.


        Create and send invoices

        Send payment requests along with invoice (costs only with payment)

        Automatic invoice reminders

        Professional invoice templates

        Invoices in your style

        No Tellow watermark

        Validating customers in KVK database

        Download invoices as PDF

        English invoices

        Overview paid and unpaid invoices

        3 per month




        0,5% commission + €0,29 per payment

        0,25% commission + €0,29 per payment

        €0,29 per payment

        €0,29 per payment

        Hour Registration

        Track hours with app

        Convert directly to invoice

        Create and manage projects

        Hours per customer and project

        Extensive hourly reporting

        Insight into hour criterion

        Track non-reimbursable hours

        Download hourly specifications

        Mileage registration

        Business trip tracking

        Private trip tracking

        Extended reports

        Convert directly to invoice


        Automatic loading of transactions

        Linking expenses and revenues

        Financial dashboard

        Linking multiple bank accounts

        Business loans

        Invoice financing

        25 per month





        Scan receipts

        Saving receipts digitally

        Digital financial statements

        Overview of income and expenses

        Booking expenses

        Profit and loss account

        Useful address book

        Automatic booking

        Overview in VAT return

        20 per month




        20 per month




        On request


        Create and send quotations

        Using your own corporate identity and logo

        Automatically turn quotations into invoices

        No Tellow footer

        Easily add additional documents

        Free trial available

        Free trial available




        VAT calculations

        Manual VAT return submission

        Automatic submission of VAT return

        Preparation income tax (IB)

        IB tax return for your tax partner

        Automatic submission of IB tax return

        Check by bookkeeper on VAT return

        Check by bookkeeper on income tax return

        Expert support and advice

        Product support

        Live chat


        Access our informative webinars

        Unlimited accounting advice

        An accountant for all your questions

        An on-site startup meeting with an accountant

        Additional services

        Free startup consultation

        Free switching service

        First access to beta features

        iOS and Android app

        The best deals for freelancers

        Finding your own accountant

        Tax return alert

        Bookkeeper included

        Message from accountant


        Multiple user profiles

        Bookkeeper/accountant portal


        SSO authentication (secured)

        Receipts and invoices stored digitally on our secure servers

        Data kept encrypted on our secure servers

        Verified integration with the Belastingdienst